Table model of our Holobox

The new Holobox Mini

Extremely suitable for product placement, the showcasing of smaller features, gimmicks or just a cool technological touch. Offers the same possibilities as the regular Holobox.

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The Holobox Mini is using the same complex technology as the regular Holobox, just in a more 'carry-on' size. Apart from the size difference, it still operates as a Plug & Play system. Hook it up to electricity, connect to the internet and you're live.

  • Easy to transport

  • A unique holographic experience

  • A new way of promoting

  • Can be used for unreleased products

The future is here

Revolutionizing communication by creating immersive and interactive experiences for unparalleled engagement and impact.

Magical experience

Realizing holograms at any location

We record content for the Holobox in one of our studios. We do this with the help of a white screen, studio lights and a video camera. Our content creators are specialized in creating images that are optimally suited for use as a hologram.


With pre-recorded content, you have control over the content of your holographic video! Recordings can be done for a white screen in our studio or on location. Whether it's a short video or an hour-long speech, pre-recorded content is a solution in both cases. Speakers can record their desired message quickly using the autocue. In addition to personal messages, products, both 3D and physical, can be displayed. Pre-recorded content also allows for the inclusion of texts, QR codes, and other textual additions.

Want to add a (unique) trigger to start the content? Send a message to learn more about the possibilities.

4K Live connection

Our 4k live connection allows you to broadcast directly from recording station to a local Holobox. Recordings can be done for a white screen in our studio or on a location of choice. Suitable for live performances, hospitality settings (such as a “digital host”), educational purposes, telehealth solutions, key-note speakers at events and so on.

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Technical details

Below you can find technical information (specs) for the Holobox Mini.

Color options:
  • Dimensions:

    616 x 330 x 235 mm
  • Screen size:

    21.5 Inch
  • Weight

    31 lbs (14kg)
  • Resolution:

    1920 x 1080 / 16:09 / IPS
  • Inputs:

    HDMI / USB / Display Port / 3.5mm Jack

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between the Holobox Mini and the Holobox?

Mainly the size. Where the Holobox Mini is available in a 22” table model, the Holobox itself is available in various sizes, up to 86”.

For which purpose is the Holobox Mini suitable?

It’s suitable for product placement and other smaller applications. Ideal to showcase fashion such as shoes, jewelry and other (high-end) products. Could also be used as a replacement when an area has insufficient space for a regular Holobox.

How does the Holobox Mini work?

The Holobox Mini by Holoconnects provides a holographic visualization of a product, logo or (part of) a person. It simulates an holographic experience for an immersive effect.

Is your question not listed?

Is your question not answered among the frequently asked questions? Andre is happy to help you with any questions about using holograms.