Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions section, where we address common queries and provide insightful answers to help you navigate and understand our products, services, and processes better. If you have any questions that aren't covered here, feel free to reach out to us through the channels here above for personalized assistance.

Which types of events are suitable for the use of the Holobox?

The Holobox is multi-functional and suitable for various events, including trade shows, product launches, conferences, and corporate meetings—essentially, any event where an impressive visual presentation is desired.

What requirements are there for setting up a Holobox on my location?

It is crucial to carefully inspect the route of the Holobox from unloading the truck to the installation site. The Holobox may not fit through every doorway and, if applicable, in every elevator. Also, steps and ceiling height are important to check in advance. Specific requirements are important for the setting up of the studio site. All this will be thoroughly discussed with one of our project managers, we always find a solution to deploy the Holobox and studio at every location!

Can the Holobox be placed on a stage?

Yes, absolutely. If the stage can support a minimum of 350 kg, the Holobox is suitable for placement on a stage. Depending on the height of the stage an device such as a high-lifting pallet jack may be required to lift the Holobox onto the stage.

Are there specific power or internet requirements?

The Holobox requires a power source, and, if applicable, internet access may be needed for setting up a live connection. An internet cable with a minimum of 10 Mbps up and 10 Mbps down is required, and specific internet ports need to be opened. Detailed technical specifications will be provided during the project management process.

What (technical) support is available during an event?

Our installers will assemble, install, and dismantle the Holobox. If desired, we offer technical support during the whole event to ensure the optimal functioning of the Holobox.

What is a normal turnaround time for a project?

The turnaround time varies depending on the complexity of the project. We strive to complete projects efficiently and promptly. A joint timeline will be established in advance.

What content can I create for the Holobox?

We record the content for the Holobox in our studio or on location. We can create various content, including content of persons, logos, 3D animations, and product demonstrations. Our team can advise you on the most suitable content for your goals.

Do you provide support/guidance for creating custom content?

Yes, if you want to make your own content, we offer comprehensive support and guidance for creating custom content for the Holobox, ensuring your message is effectively communicated.

Can our company's logo be displayed on the Holobox?

Yes, we can integrate your company's logo into the Holobox content for a personalized presentation, and we can also place logos on the outside of the Holobox.

Is it possible to wrap the Holobox with our brand design?

Certainly, we offer the option to wrap the Holobox with your specific brand design for seamless integration with your brand identity.

What are common issues and solutions when using a Holobox?

Some common issues may be technical in nature. Refer to our manual for possible solutions or contact our technical support for assistance; we will always be available and reachable via the event contact person.

Can you share examples of successful events using the Holobox?

Certainly, explore our case studies on the website for inspiration and examples of successful events where the Holobox has been effectively utilized.

Does Holoconnects handle the transportation?

Yes, we manage the transportation ourselves. Due to the Holobox's fragility, our preference is for our own installers to load and unload the Holobox. Within the Netherlands and Europe, the transportation will typically be done through road transport. If the Holobox is used for an intercontinental event, it will be shipped via air transport. It's important to note that this may involve a transit time, which could take several days, and customs procedures. This will be thoroughly discussed and coordinated in advance with the project manager.