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Innovative Holographic Technologic Company

Holoconnects is the leading expert in the field of hologram technology used for communication in hospitality, telehealth, retail and educational purposes. Thanks to various successful use cases among these sectors, we can provide next level holographic experiences on a global scale.

Our story

Making holographic communication widely accessible

As the precursor to the Holobox as we now know it, there was initially a different perspective. Due to personal experiences with deceased loved ones, Andre and Marnix came up with the idea of recording video messages for bereaved family members. This way, grieving individuals could still be ‘in touch’ with their departed loved ones. This concept gained attention through various programs, including (how fitting) the show “Over mijn lijk” (“About My Corpse”). It was a tremendously beautiful project, but in hindsight, it became evident that there was more potential. The first seed for the Holobox was planted during this background.

Andre lived on Curacao, and Marnix lived in the Netherlands, but they worked together through remote conferencing.

This approach allowed them to combine their strengths. When Covid-19 emerged, they saw a great opportunity. At that moment, they fully invested in product development. To this day, there is still regular assessment of where the product or service can be improved. This ongoing process has led to the continual generation of new applications for which Holoboxes can be utilized. Especially with current topics like Sustainability, the Holobox has become indispensable.

A deliberate decision was made to produce and control everything in-house to ensure quality. At the time of writing, the capacity exists to produce 20 to 30 units per month, and expansion plans are already in place.

What Holoconnects is about

High-quality service and quality from beginning to end

  • Innovation with a human touch

    We strive for innovation that enhances human connection. Our technological solutions, such as the Holobox, are designed to promote sustainable business practices while preserving authentic human interaction. We believe in progress that not only increases efficiency and reach but also emphasizes the value of human contact and collaboration.

  • Inclusive sustainability

    At Holoconnects, we value sustainability that transcends sector boundaries. Our technologies aim to empower businesses in hospitality, retail, events, education, and telehealth to reach a broader audience in an environmentally friendly manner. We connect sustainability with inclusivity, creating more opportunities for businesses to positively impact the world.

  • Real people, real connections

    At Holoconnects, we recognize the importance of technology as a complement to the human experience, not a replacement for it. Our Holobox technology places emphasis on creating a genuinely personal presence in virtual spaces. We encourage synergy between technology and humanity, enabling professionals to collaborate more effectively, showcase products that do not yet exist physically, and allow doctors to connect better with their patients. We are committed to a future where technology and human interaction go hand in hand.

The future is now

Revolutionizing communication by creating immersive and interactive experiences for unparalleled engagement and impact.


From real-time solutions to pre-programmed recordings, the Holobox can do it all. From product presentations to holographic receptionists, and from giving lectures to being used as a billboard. Our technology is here for your every need.

Discover the Holobox

Holobox mini

Table model of our Holobox. Extremely suitable for product placement, the showcasing of smaller features, gimmicks or just a cool technological touch. Beholds the same possibilities as the regular Holobox.

Discover the Holobox Mini

A unique experience guaranteed

The Holobox offers a revolutionary experience, bringing holographic marvels to life. With 3D displays, it immerses users in interactive, lifelike content, transcending traditional viewing. Whether for education, entertainment, or communication, Holobox transforms ordinary moments into extraordinary, creating a truly unique and unforgettable engagement.

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