Holobox connecting patients and doctors in Texas Hospital

Crescent Regional Hospital pioneers 3D hologram tech for real-time remote physician-patient connections.

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Crescent Regional Hospital in Lancaster, Texas, is the first in the nation to implement 3D hologram technology to connect physicians and patients remotely.

The hospital has installed its first hologram display and video studio, allowing physicians to “teleport as a life-size 3D hologram and connect with patients in real-time,” according to a May 29 news release. Crescent Regional plans to deploy smaller versions of these displays throughout the hospital and its associated clinics.

This technology, known as Holobox, is developed by Holoconnects, a provider of holographic solutions. Hospital leaders believe this innovation will reduce patient wait times and enhance access to specialized care. Immediate applications at Crescent Medical Center include virtual consultations for pre- and post-surgery, virtual rounds with patients and hospitalists, specialist consultations, and patient education.

“Teleporting our doctors in real-time to connect and speak with our patients from any location as a life-size hologram gives our patients access to the healthcare they deserve,” said Raji Kumar, CEO and managing partner of Crescent Regional Hospital, in a news release. “It also saves our doctors one of their most precious resources — time — enabling them to see as many patients as possible.”

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