Holobox by Holoconnects: Revolutionizing Holographic Technology in Hospitality, Healthcare and Retail

Experience the future with Holobox by Holoconnects—AI-powered holographic displays revolutionizing digital interaction in hospitality, healthcare, and retail.

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AUSTIN, Texas —  Holographic technology, once a staple of science fiction, is now entering everyday life. Dutch company Holoconnects is at the forefront with its innovative AI-powered holographic displays, poised to transform our interaction with digital content.

“It’s a really exciting time right now,” said Steve Sterling, Managing Director of Holoconnects North America. The company recently showcased its technology at South by Southwest in Austin, highlighting its potential across various industries.

Holoconnects’ flagship product, the Holobox, captures a subject’s image against a white backdrop and projects it into a specially designed box, creating a customizable three-dimensional hologram enhanced with AI-powered graphics and atmospheric effects.

Dutch company Holoconnects is bringing AI-powered holographic technology to various industries, with applications in hospitality, healthcare, and retail, promising to revolutionize digital interaction and communication. (CBS Austin)

The hospitality industry is one of the first to adopt Holoconnects’ technology. The company is installing its devices in 30 hotels across Scandinavia to serve as check-in kiosks.

“There’s a motion detector here,” explained Sterling. “You walk up, the hologram greets you, and then you can check in using the touch buttons.”

Healthcare also shows great promise for holographic technology. “We’re going to connect doctors to patients,” said Holoconnects co-founder and CEO Andre Smith. “Imagine a doctor appearing as a live hologram in a rural area, providing much-needed medical care.”

Beyond healthcare and hospitality, the possibilities extend to retail. Customers can use the Holobox to interact with product samples, customize their purchases, and make instant purchases.

“The possibilities are endless,” concluded Roel Gijsbers, CEO of 270 Degrees, a company using the Holobox Mini for commercial applications.

Holoconnects’ technology represents a significant leap forward in digital interaction. As the technology evolves, holograms are set to become a common feature in our daily lives.

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