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Give your business the benefits of our 3D holographic technologies and innovations to increase your impression values, revenues, staffing efficiencies, provide a unique customer engagement experience and much more. Our hologram company is ready to help.

The possibilities are endless

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Organizations who have embraced the future with Holoconnects.

The future is here

Join the revolution for 21st century engagement and interactivity with high impact 3D holograms.

Experience Holobox Holographic Displays

Take advantage of 3D holographic solutions for life-like real-time customer engagement using AI-driven or programmed responsiveness with eye-catching presentations.

  • 86” transparent LCD screen for life size & 3D holographic images.

  • Anti-Glare glass presents high-resolution image brightness in daylight or low-light conditions for the best experience.

  • Touch-screen offers 20-point IR Control or optional hand-held remote control.

Discover the Holobox
Holoconnects holobox hero

Is a smaller variant more suitable for your purpose?

The new Holobox Mini

Table model of our Holobox. Extremely suitable for product placement, the showcasing of smaller features, gimmicks or engaging experiences. It belongs to the group of 3D holographic displays, just like the general Holobox.

  • Experience the same mesmerizing holographic effect in compact environments, making it perfect for smaller spaces.

  • Perfect for small objects, this technology brings the enchantment of holography to a new level of accessibility and versatility.

  • Enjoy the futuristic charm in any setting with this easily transportable and interconnected holographic solution.

Discover the Holobox Mini

From the recording to a unique experience in our recording station

  • Consultation

    We are happy to advise you about the possibilities. We think along to make your holographic experience as impressive as possible.

  • Content recording

    Once we have a plan for deploying the Holobox, we will include the holographic content. This is possible in our studio in Culemborg.

  • Production

    On the day of production, we will set up 1 hour in advance and our support staff will be present.

Learn more about our recording station

A unique experience guaranteed

The Holobox offers a revolutionary experience, bringing holographic marvels to life. With 3D displays, it immerses users in interactive, lifelike content, transcending traditional viewing. Whether for education, entertainment, or communication, Holobox transforms ordinary moments into extraordinary, creating a truly unique and unforgettable engagement.

Successfully completed projects

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Active countries globally

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Hardworking and dedicated employees

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Contented customers within various industries

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Where we provide our services

How our technology can be the key to your success. Explore the opportunities.

Hospitality & Travel

Improve, Upgrade, Upscale, Effective. That’s the best way to describe how your business can benefit from our technology. Whether you’re looking to improve the customer experience, upgrade or staffing possibilities or even replace staff and to have a more effective business (in various ways, among them profitability).

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Embrace the future of telehealth for a superior healthcare journey. Interact with doctors remotely using immersive displays, ensuring accurate diagnosis. Benefit from precise 3D guidance during remote surgeries, and get enhanced patient education. Enjoy personalized and engaging care, resulting in improved outcomes and easy access to specialized treatment, regardless of your location.

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The Holobox and Holobox Mini have proven to be the next best thing in retail display and advertising. Ideal for showcases, product launches, upselling or the regular promotion of products. This will definitely WOW! your target audience.

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Need a partner for your event? Done! Our technology will suit your every need. Whether you’re looking for an upgrade to your business event/conference, product launch, lifestyle happenings or whatever event you’re organising. Our holograms for events got you covered!

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By deploying our Holoboxes as part of the educational system, a single educator can cater multiple classrooms simultaneously. This provides various opportunities, such as: less travel movements, less staffing problems and possibly even dynamic collaborations between different classes. Foster creativity, critical thinking, and real-world readiness. Embrace holographic elements to create an engaging and effective learning environment, benefiting the next generation's education journey.

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Guaranteed to be a unique experience!

Curious? We are happy to give you a demo to find out how our technology can add value for your company.